Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The Great Crusade"

Today marks the 66th Anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to bring about the eventual defeat of the Nazi Regime. Keep the sacrifices made by our Grandfathers in your mind today and remember to be grateful for our preserved freedoms and for the liberation of Europe!

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1. Canvas Military Jacket by Balmain-
2.  737 Partition on Casters by MotoArt 
3.  Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone-
4.  Crosley Troubadour (Radio, Record, Cassette, CD, & MP3)
5. Vintage White Ceramic Eagle Wall Hanging- Etsy Shop
6. Rusty Architectural Star-
7. Union Jack Chaise-
8.  Peaceful Bomb Vase by Owen & Cloud-
9.  Military Secretary Dress in Tan & Green by Pinup Couture-

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1.  Painted Barn Stars-
2.  Sailor Swing Dress by Pinup Couture-
3.  C-130 Outer Flap Airplane Desk by MotoArt
4.  Anchor Hook-
5.  5" Red Patent Peep Toe Pump-
6.  "Death From Above" by Andrew Bawidamann
7.  Vintage Artillery Table Lamp- Etsy Shop

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Letter presented to the Soldiers by General Dwight D. Eisenhower before the invasion
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