Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Nothings

I am notoriously known as a bad cook. This is probably a self inflicted label which has very little to do with my actual skills but is more so rooted in my absolute hatred of cooking. On the rare occasions that I have actually entered the kitchen and prepared a meal, the food has not only been edible but it has also been considered quite tasty. However, there is another side of cooking...a sinister side if you will...known as baking. My attempts at baking have always lead to disaster. My gingerbread men have resembled John Merrick and my cake pans have always overflown. Even using the simple solution of boxed cake mixes have gone awry. A small New York kitchen was covered in the floury mix when I attempted to open the sealed plastic packaging. I have also been known to forget to include one of the only four ingredients listed in the instructions. But cupcakes don't really need oil do they? However, beyond all the mayhem and my absolute aversion to cooking I find myself helplessly addicted to kitchenware. I don't dare enter "William-Sonoma" and I feel an egg slicer is a must have in any home. I mean, you can cut more than eggs with it! Mushrooms, strawberries, and kiwis! The mind boggles with it's untested potential! Clearly it was a must have. Maybe the reason these mixers, spatulas, and cookie sheets sit in my cabinets pristinely in wait is for the day when I overcome my status as being domestically disabled. Maybe I just need the right recipe to inspire me? Or perhaps, I have simply not yet found the right person to cook for.

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1.  WMF Profi-Plus 12-Inch Stainless Steel Ball Whisk-
2.  The Lady's Half Apron- 
3.  Emile Henry Pink 9" Pie Dish-
4.  Tweet Tweet Cupcake Kit-
5.  Magnolia Cupcake Wrapper-
6.  Lily-of-the-Valley Cupcake Toppers-
7.  Shabby Chic 2 Tier Stand- 
8.  Parisian Macarons-

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1.  "Sugar In Pink" by Katie Kirk- Etsy Shop
2.  Pretty In Plaid Baking Cups-
3.  Fluted Flower Baking Cups-
4.  Set of 3 Mixing Bowls In Pink-
5.  Kitchenaid Standing Mixer-
6.  Dining Room Measuring Spoons-

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